Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hallucinations of love

A life of imaginations
A dream of ambitions
A journey to stars
Lights lightening up the sky with spark

A fantancy of dreams
where love is a pivotal theme
You fall in love
 it ends up reminding you of the lost love

For the part of your heart which has been gone
For the love in your eyes collecting the pieces of hope knowing it will always go on

For reality which is no less than an imagination
For the lost love which will always be in your hallucination
You lose a thousand times
falling for the lost love you can never climb

But you smile mesmerizing the memories
The shine in your eyes watching the moon takes you back in the stories.


  1. You put it up so beautifully.
    Keep writing more!

  2. Let the world to go hard at you
    Let the life to destroy you
    Let the people to laugh at you
    And if you want your revenge
    let your hope to fight for you